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However today, as im sure many of you know, runescape has nowdays completely changed and RS gold has become extremely restricted. Im reffering to the December 10th Wilderness and Bounty Hunter changes along with also the 2nd of January Unbalanced Trade changes.

Now I can rant on forever about how much it sucks and all of the things I cant perform anymore. However what I really need to know is what could really be done about it. If you feel that another"pay to pk" or"world 66 riot" is the soloution then allow me to know what I should be doing to get one started. If you believe that the soloution is to go along with it all and allow it to sort its self out then thats what ill do. However what im actually hoping for is another brilliant concept, one that hasnt been attempted yet. Something, anything. Only give me something to try before I give up and end up quitting runescape. Anyway, hopefully you guys will be able to give me a few good suggestions. I look forward to posting later on. Thanks from Matt.

I'm a noob here, I was 250k wealthy, now I'm less than 1k. The same thing with lobbys, even with all the minimun cost. I am F2P. Also, air-conditioning is a very poor option here, since the crafters are offering LESS THAN 1K! It was more than 2k. I wont do any merchanting because it was obviously a failure. Selling items at the Grand Exchange might be bad because no one really uses it to get things. Mining takes too long, and killing cows for cowhides will require too long also, and nobody will buy the hides. So in the event that you have some suggestions, please post them here. I'm looking to buy osrs gold safe create at least 10-30k per day.

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By Smarthuiyuan
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